Offspring of LLR Heza Special Jokester

Current Pregnancies
Dam Due Date Owner

Name Other Parent Birthdate Sex Owner
Horse ID#657694 ZE Dime A Dozen 9/13/2015 Stallion Deceased
Horse ID#657826 ZE Dime A Dozen 9/23/2015 Mare Deceased
SFC Decoupage BRR Lady Shadows 3/22/2016 Stallion Deceased
Green River Manly Cache Ap Miss Annie 8/31/2016 Stallion Deceased
Horse ID#669129 Cache Ap Spotty Story 10/2/2016 Stallion Deceased
BSF Stack The Deck Cache Ap Chips Galore 12/6/2016 Mare Deceased
Sheza Spotty One Cache Ap Spots Be Gone 12/6/2016 Mare Deceased
Green River Ghost Joker Cache Ap Miss Annie 12/23/2016 Mare Deceased
Green River Cowgirl Jokester Green River Fewspot Diamond 12/23/2016 Mare Deceased
Horse ID#670921 TP SHEZA PLEZA 1/16/2017 Stallion Deceased
TP LOADED JOKESTAR TP LOADED LINE 1/16/2017 Stallion Deceased
TP ROOKIE JOKESTAR TP Rookie Gambler 1/16/2017 Mare Deceased
Scalby Dance a dream Cache Ap Day Of Reckoning 5/8/2017 Mare Deceased
Scalby Quickstep Cache AP Hold That Thought 5/8/2017 Mare Deceased
Cache Ap Lazy Legacy Cache Ap Snow White 5/8/2017 Mare Deceased
She Inspired Me Cache Ap Day Of Reckoning 5/18/2017 Mare Deceased
Snow Whites Jokester Cache Ap Snow White 6/22/2017 Stallion Deceased
AZF ROCKING RED Cache AP Hold That Thought 6/22/2017 Gelding Deceased
AZF STUNNING LADY Cache Ap A Little Reckoning 6/22/2017 Mare Deceased
Horse ID#673959 Cache Ap Day Of Reckoning 6/22/2017 Mare Deceased
AZF HEZA I MIGHT Cache Ap Reckon I Might 7/1/2017 Gelding Deceased
Cache Ap Snow Job Cache Ap Snow White 7/2/2017 Mare Deceased
AZF HEZA QUICKSTEP Scalby Quickstep 7/11/2017 Mare Deceased
Horse ID#674331 Cache Ap Reckon I Might 7/11/2017 Stallion Deceased
Horse ID#674332 AZF CONNECT THE DOTS 7/11/2017 Mare Deceased
Horse ID#674333 Scalby Dance a dream 7/11/2017 Mare Deceased
Horse ID#674334 AZF ROXANNA 7/11/2017 Stallion Deceased
Horse ID#674335 AZF ELEGANCE 7/11/2017 Mare Deceased
AZF MOON PIE AZF THEA QUEEN 7/11/2017 Gelding Deceased