Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Snow Covered River Appaloosa 0yo Colt
Summerwynd Snowdrift Appaloosa 0yo Colt
Summerwynd Crystal Chalice Appaloosa 1yo Colt
Summerwynd Snowy River Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Crystal Filly Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Crystal Shadow Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Canyon Shadows Appaloosa 5yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Into The Snow Appaloosa 5yo Pregnant Mare
Green River Kept Filly Appaloosa 6yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Snow Covered Red Appaloosa 4yo Stallion
Summerwynd Crystal Glacier Appaloosa 6yo Stallion
For Sale
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Cursed Knight Appaloosa 0yo Colt
Summerwynd Moving Target Appaloosa 0yo Colt
Summerwynd Thunder Bob Appaloosa 0yo Colt
Summerwynd Im Garth Appaloosa 1yo Colt
Summerwynd Spell Over Me Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Gotta Find Garth Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Cookies For Santa Appaloosa 3yo Colt
Summerwynd Rockets N Lace Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Superstitious Sue Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Target Engaged Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Golden Knight Appaloosa 1yo Gelding
Eastman Harvey Appaloosa 2yo Gelding
Eastman Ap Nite Beat Appaloosa 5yo Gelding
Eastman Ap Tomas Appaloosa 5yo Gelding
Summerwynd Knight of Romance Appaloosa 7yo Mare
Summerwynd Legacy and Lace Appaloosa 13yo Mare
Summerwynd Doubt The Knight Appaloosa 6yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Spot of Thunder Appaloosa 8yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Cookie Cutter Appaloosa 13yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Frostbite Appaloosa 11yo Stallion
Halter B
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Blue Horizon Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Charm Weaver Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Dun Dancin Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Jinx Me No More Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Love Potion No.9 Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Rocket To The Moon Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Blue Is My Color Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Milkmaid Appaloosa 2yo Mare
Eastman Blue Haze Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Summerwynd Cold Generally Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Summerwynd Aim Shoot Score Appaloosa 2yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Lullaby Roundabout Appaloosa 2yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Rocket Glitter Appaloosa 2yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Hexagonal Frost Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd I Dont Know Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Winter Solstice Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Knight Rose Appaloosa 4yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Eastern Shore Appaloosa 6yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Knights Lullaby Appaloosa 8yo Pregnant Mare
Eastman When Hex Freezes Over Appaloosa 11yo Pregnant Mare
Eastman Hexadecimal Appaloosa 6yo Stallion
Eastman Gone West Appaloosa 8yo Stallion
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Gone Cold Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Gone Hazy Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Imma A Blue Spot Appaloosa 0yo Filly
Summerwynd Spots of Glitter Appaloosa 0yo Filly
General Info
Signed Up: 7/6/2007
Account Level: Standard
Halter/In Hand
Western Pleasure
English Pleasure
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