Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Smart Chance Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Blue Ice Crystals Appaloosa 3yo Filly
Summerwynd Promising Roses Appaloosa 3yo Filly
Summerwynd Smart Promise Appaloosa 3yo Filly
Summerwynd Glittering Choice Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Summerwynd Freedom Fighter Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Summerwynd Snowy Crystals Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Summerwynd Snow Flurry Appaloosa 7yo Mare
Summerwynd Smart Girl Appaloosa 8yo Mare
Summerwynd Crystal Filly Appaloosa 13yo Mare
Green River Ice Angel Appaloosa 23yo Mare
Summerwynd Mountain Dew Appaloosa 4yo Stallion
Summerwynd Crystal Choice Appaloosa 8yo Stallion
Summerwynd Crystal Lake Appaloosa 10yo Stallion
Summerwynd Crystal Glacier Appaloosa 18yo Stallion
Cutting Brood
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Promising Cystal Appaloosa 3yo Colt
Summerwynd Uncountable Choice Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Sleigh Belles Ring Appaloosa 2yo Filly
Summerwynd Freedom March Appaloosa 3yo Filly
Summerwynd Frostbite Falls Appaloosa 3yo Filly
Summerwynd Prim N Proper Appaloosa 3yo Filly
Summerwynd Rain Showers Appaloosa 3yo Filly
Summerwynd Promised Snowballs Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Summerwynd Snowy Sleigh Belle Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Summerwynd Promise Me ADiamond Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Summerwynd Glittering Crystal Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Green River Roses Choice Appaloosa 13yo Mare
Green River Frost Bite Appaloosa 18yo Mare
Green River Prim Appaloosa 18yo Mare
Green River Drop of Rain Appaloosa 21yo Mare
Summerwynd Snow Covered River Appaloosa 12yo Stallion
For Sale
Name Breed Age/Sex
Filly #698151 Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Aim For The Center Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Go! Freedom Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Snowball Chance Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Summerwynd Mess in a Dress Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Summerwynd Spotmeifucan Appaloosa 7yo Mare
Summerwynd Fusion Xchange Appaloosa 8yo Mare
Eastman Moon Rocks Appaloosa 9yo Mare
Summerwynd Dun Gone Out Appaloosa 10yo Mare
P8nteds Dancin Dream Appaloosa 11yo Mare
Summerwynd Frosty Cotton Appaloosa 4yo Stallion
Summerwynd West Texas Appaloosa 10yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Lunar Eclipse Appaloosa 2yo Colt
Summerwynd Western Star Appaloosa 2yo Colt
Summerwynd Spot Check Appaloosa 8yo Gelding
Eastman Harvey Appaloosa 14yo Gelding
Eastman Ap Nite Beat Appaloosa 17yo Gelding
Eastman Rocket Chips Appaloosa 23yo Gelding
Summerwynd Willow Creek Witch Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Summerwynd Spots of Glitter Appaloosa 12yo Mare
Summerwynd Superstitious Sue Appaloosa 12yo Mare
Summerwynd Target Engaged Appaloosa 13yo Mare
Summerwynd Spot of Thunder Appaloosa 20yo Mare
Summerwynd Astronaut Appaloosa 9yo Stallion
Halter B
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Circle Back Appaloosa 1yo Colt
Summerwynd Space Odyssey Appaloosa 1yo Filly
Summerwynd Black Cotton Appaloosa 6yo Gelding
CnTF Ghostly Thunder Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Summerwynd Starlight Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Summerwynd Rockets N Lace Appaloosa 12yo Mare
Summerwynd Ghost Rider Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Space Traveler Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd WagonTrain Appaloosa 3yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Curiosity Shoppe Appaloosa 4yo Pregnant Mare
CnTF Sippin On Freedom Appaloosa 5yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Dun Gumit Appaloosa 5yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Go West Wagons Appaloosa 5yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Wagon Train Appaloosa 5yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Singing The Blues Appaloosa 8yo Pregnant Mare
P8nteds Ghost of Myself Appaloosa 18yo Pregnant Mare
Cache AP Solid Bet Appaloosa 25yo Pregnant Mare
Summerwynd Circle The Wagons Appaloosa 5yo Stallion
Summerwynd Wagons Ho Appaloosa 7yo Stallion
Eastman Gone West Appaloosa 20yo Stallion
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Summerwynd Thunderation Appaloosa 0yo Filly
General Info
Signed Up: 7/6/2007
Account Level: Standard
Halter/In Hand
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