Name Breed Age/Sex
P8nteds Lunar Landing Appaloosa 0yo Colt
P8nteds Ceremonial Dancer Paint Horse 2yo Colt
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
P8nteds Westward Expansion Appaloosa 2yo Colt
P8 Ghostly Image Appaloosa 0yo Filly
P8 Rocket to the Stars Appaloosa 0yo Filly
P8 The Knights Bride Appaloosa 2yo Filly
P8 Velvet N Lace Appaloosa 2yo Filly
P8 Hopeful Legacy Appaloosa 3yo Filly
P8 A Ghostly Apparition Appaloosa 2yo Mare
P8nteds Im Hiz Moon N Starz Appaloosa 2yo Mare
P8nteds Native Dancer Appaloosa 2yo Mare
P8nteds Pearlhandled Gun Appaloosa 2yo Mare
P8nteds Spectacular GAmble Appaloosa 2yo Mare
P8nteds Ghostly Prescence Appaloosa 3yo Mare
P8nteds Gamblin Girl Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Ghost of Myself Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Ghostly Spectacle Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Skeptical Gambler Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Colt #691688 Paint Horse 0yo Colt
P8nteds Chariot to the Stars Paint Horse 2yo Colt
P8nteds Flood Warnings Paint Horse 3yo Colt
P8nteds Viking Voyage Paint Horse 3yo Colt
P8nteds A Jubilant Cry Paint Horse 0yo Filly
P8s My Bengal Tiger Paint Horse 0yo Filly
P8nteds Star Of Mandalay Bay Paint Horse 5yo Mare
Mare #689603 Paint Horse 6yo Mare
P8nteds See You in Vallhalla Paint Horse 6yo Mare
P8nteds Shez Night Ranger Paint Horse 6yo Mare
P8 Montego Royale Paint Horse 5yo Stallion
P8nteds Charriots of Montego Paint Horse 5yo Stallion
P8nteds Storms Collide Paint Horse 5yo Stallion
Stallion #689645 Paint Horse 6yo Stallion
BHRS Royal Bay of Bengal Paint Horse 6yo Stallion
P8nteds Flash of Speed Paint Horse 6yo Stallion
P8nteds Guant√°namo Bay Paint Horse 6yo Stallion
P8 Cool Day Dawning Quarter Horse 3yo Colt
P8nteds Thundering Waters Quarter Horse 3yo Colt
P8nteds NAtional Velvet Quarter Horse 2yo Filly
P8nted Black Rainer Quarter Horse 3yo Filly
P8nteds Surfside Girl Quarter Horse 3yo Filly
P8nted Rebel Dragon Quarter Horse 5yo Mare
0-1 yr old fillies
Name Breed Age/Sex
P8nteds Casino Royale Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Dancin Queen Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Gamblin On A Star Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Knight-Time Gambler Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Paranormal Phenomenon Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Name Breed Age/Sex
P8ntedsSmoke Screen Paint Horse 17yo Mare
P8nteds Force to Reckon With Paint Horse 18yo Mare
P8nteds Viking Raider Paint Horse 18yo Mare
P8nteds Smokin Gunn Paint Horse 24yo Mare
P8nteds Grande Flash Paint Horse 25yo Mare
P8nteds Night Rages Paint Horse 26yo Mare
P8nteds Stealthy Raider Paint Horse 26yo Mare
0-1yr old colts
Name Breed Age/Sex
P8 Moonwalker Appaloosa 0yo Colt
P8nteds Ghosts of Navarone Appaloosa 6yo Stallion
Purchased Horses
Name Breed Age/Sex
P8nteds Spotted Pony Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Summerwynd Funky Town Appaloosa 6yo Mare
P8nteds Khaleesi Appaloosa 7yo Mare
Summerwynd Guns N Lace Appaloosa 10yo Mare
P8nteds Reasonably Lucky Paint Horse 6yo Mare
Painters Western Movie Paint Horse 6yo Stallion
Cache QH Surfer Girl Quarter Horse 7yo Mare
P8nteds New Day Dawning Quarter Horse 7yo Mare
P8nteds Renaissance Man Quarter Horse 7yo Stallion
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Signed Up: 3/13/2008
Account Level: Family
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