Bourne Acres

Name Breed Age/Sex
Bourne With An Altitude (WAlt) Thoroughbred 3yo Colt
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #692671 Thoroughbred 3yo Colt
Colt #692649 Thoroughbred 3yo Colt
Filly #692663 Thoroughbred 3yo Filly
Filly #692674 Thoroughbred 3yo Filly
Filly #692708 Thoroughbred 3yo Filly
Stallion #692131 Thoroughbred 4yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
Bourne Time TpDance (BOTD) Thoroughbred 4yo Stallion
Bourne Wishful Thinking (WshT) Thoroughbred 8yo Stallion
Bourne Gone Fishing (GFsh) Thoroughbred 10yo Stallion
Bourne King Of The Dance(KOTD) Thoroughbred 10yo Stallion
Bourne Sir John (SJhn) Thoroughbred 11yo Stallion
Bourne King George (KGrg) Thoroughbred 13yo Stallion
Hopes Royal Emissary (Emsy) Thoroughbred 15yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
Bourne Brynhild (Bryn) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Bourne Pleasant Journey (PJur) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Bourne Royal Moment (RMnt) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Bourne Well Honestly (WllH) Thoroughbred 8yo Mare
Bourne Golden Star (GldS) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Bourne Island Star (IStr) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Bourne Royal Charms (RChm) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Bourne Starring Role (SRol) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Bourne Watcha Gonna Do (WGDo) Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
CMS Pillow Talk Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
Bourne Northumberland (Nthd) Thoroughbred 11yo Mare
Bourne Star Of Bombay (Star) Thoroughbred 12yo Mare
Bourne Princess (Prin) Thoroughbred 14yo Mare
Bourne Lady Of Fashion (LOfF) Thoroughbred 15yo Mare
Bourne A Shooting Star (ShSt) Thoroughbred 16yo Mare
Bourne Island Prophesy (IPrf) Thoroughbred 16yo Mare
Bourne Lady Doctor (LDoc) Thoroughbred 16yo Mare
Bourne Pisces (Pscs) Thoroughbred 16yo Mare
Joyful (Joyf) Thoroughbred 16yo Mare
Bourne Happy Sign (HpyS) Thoroughbred 19yo Mare
EP Project
Name Breed Age/Sex
Bourne Dancing Star (DStr) Thoroughbred 4yo Mare
Bourne Wish On A Star (Wish) Thoroughbred 18yo Mare
Tall Performance
Name Breed Age/Sex
Bourne DownTown Ms Brown (DTMB Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Bourne Royal Cruise (RCrz)) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Bourne Tourist Trap (TTrp)) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Bourne Up Town Sally (UTSa) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Bourne Amazonian (Amaz) Thoroughbred 12yo Mare
Bourne High Seas (HSea) Thoroughbred 12yo Mare
Bourne Ingenuity (Igen) Thoroughbred 12yo Mare
Bourne Black Velvet (BVvt) Thoroughbred 13yo Mare
Bourne Watch Maid (WchM) Thoroughbred 17yo Mare
Bourne Norseman (Nrsm) Thoroughbred 14yo Stallion
General Info
Signed Up: 3/5/2014
Account Level: Family
Halter/In Hand
English Pleasure
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