Wild Brookes Stables

Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #685199 Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
Colt #684724 Thoroughbred 1yo Colt
WBS Colts
Name Breed Age/Sex
WBS Outlaw Thoroughbred 1yo Colt
WBS Impressive Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WBS Pride Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WBS Ragnarok Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WBS Valor Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WBS Vampyr Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WBS War Hammer Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WBS War Machine Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
WBS Fillies
Name Breed Age/Sex
WBS Ash Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
WBS Reverie Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
WBS Sand Castle Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
WBS Mares 750-760
Name Breed Age/Sex
WBS Solaris Thoroughbred 2yo Mare
WBS Frivolous Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Momentum Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Sonatina Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Sunrise Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Nunnally Thoroughbred 7yo Mare
WBS Púca Thoroughbred 7yo Mare
WBS Ruth Thoroughbred 7yo Mare
WBS Mistfall Thoroughbred 8yo Mare
WBS Stylist Thoroughbred 2yo Pregnant Mare
WBS Fleeting Thoroughbred 4yo Pregnant Mare
WBS Pandora Thoroughbred 5yo Pregnant Mare
WBS Robin Thoroughbred 5yo Pregnant Mare
CMS Graceful Image Thoroughbred 6yo Pregnant Mare
WBS Isolde Thoroughbred 7yo Pregnant Mare
WBS Mares 760-770
Name Breed Age/Sex
WBS Aisling Thoroughbred 2yo Mare
WBS Quarantine Thoroughbred 2yo Mare
WBS Battle Angel Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Devastation Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Resolute Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Vibrance Thoroughbred 3yo Mare
WBS Deliverance Thoroughbred 4yo Mare
WBS Eye of the Storm Thoroughbred 4yo Mare
WBS Harvester Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
WBS Hurricane Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
WBS Lustrous Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
WBS Sceptre Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
WBS Starfire Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
WBS Vice Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
WBS Ravish Thoroughbred 8yo Mare
WBS Enchantress Thoroughbred 9yo Mare
WBS Huntress Thoroughbred 9yo Mare
WBS Illusion Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
WBS Nostalgia Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
WBS Sigil Thoroughbred 10yo Mare
WBS Mares 770-780
Name Breed Age/Sex
WBS Vixen Thoroughbred 5yo Mare
WBS Luminesence Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
WBS Stallion Shed
Name Breed Age/Sex
WBS Maelstrom Thoroughbred 7yo Stallion
WBS Storm Heart Thoroughbred 7yo Stallion
WBS Sovereign Thoroughbred 9yo Stallion
WBS Stygian Thoroughbred 9yo Stallion
WBS Edolon Thoroughbred 10yo Stallion
WBS Ravager Thoroughbred 10yo Stallion
WBS Tiburon Thoroughbred 10yo Stallion
WBS Stallion Shed (yet to produce keepers)
Name Breed Age/Sex
WBS Destroyer Thoroughbred 3yo Colt
WBS Dixon Thoroughbred 3yo Colt
WBS Raze Thoroughbred 3yo Colt
WBS Contagion Thoroughbred 4yo Stallion
WBS Juggernaut Thoroughbred 4yo Stallion
WBS Kronos Thoroughbred 5yo Stallion
WBS Endeavor Thoroughbred 6yo Stallion
WBS Notorious Thoroughbred 6yo Stallion
WBS Voltage Thoroughbred 7yo Stallion
WBS Warlord Thoroughbred 7yo Stallion
General Info
Signed Up: 6/29/2007
Account Level: Standard
Halter/In Hand
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