Stelza Stables

Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
RRV Spotless Appaloosa 6yo Mare
Stz Snow Flakes Appaloosa 6yo Stallion
CH Barn
Name Breed Age/Sex
ShelB Gold Leopard Appaloosa 8yo Stallion
Cutting Prospects
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #686268 Appaloosa 3yo Colt
Colt #686335 Appaloosa 3yo Colt
Mare #686134 Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Stz Cool to be Hot Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Stallion #686133 Appaloosa 4yo Stallion
Stz Hot Bounce Appaloosa 4yo Stallion
Stz King Cool Appaloosa 4yo Stallion
Stz Missing Link Appaloosa 4yo Stallion
Prospect Barn
Name Breed Age/Sex
Mare #686190 Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Mare #686184 Appaloosa 4yo Mare
Stz Dubious Legacy Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Stz Frosted Gold Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Stz Frosted Flakes Appaloosa 5yo Stallion
Stz Jack Frost Appaloosa 5yo Stallion
Mare Barn
Name Breed Age/Sex
Stz Annie Getcha Gun Appaloosa 5yo Mare
Stz Chip of Frost Appaloosa 5yo Mare
ShelB Cool End Appaloosa 6yo Mare
ShelB Golden Cutter Appaloosa 7yo Mare
General Info
Signed Up: 10/25/2013
Account Level: Basic
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