Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #671334 Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
Eastern Image (EImg) Thoroughbred 0yo Colt
Filly #669904 Thoroughbred 3yo Filly
Walk Like A Lady (WLAL) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Stallions at Stud
Name Breed Age/Sex
Solarium (Sola) Thoroughbred 8yo Stallion
Walk On The Wild Side (WWS) Thoroughbred 9yo Stallion
Moving Image (MoIm) Thoroughbred 10yo Stallion
Just Remarkable (JRem) Thoroughbred 18yo Stallion
Gun For Hire (GunH) Thoroughbred 20yo Stallion
Brood Mares
Name Breed Age/Sex
Walk On The Beach (WOTB) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Walk With The Wind (WWTW) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
West Side Story (WSSy) Thoroughbred 6yo Mare
Remarkable Love (RLov) Thoroughbred 8yo Mare
Solar Image (SolI) Thoroughbred 8yo Mare
Spanish Polka (SpaP) Thoroughbred 8yo Mare
Lonely Heart (LHrt) Thoroughbred 14yo Mare
Tidal Image (TImg) Thoroughbred 14yo Mare
A Girl named Maria Thoroughbred 3yo Pregnant Mare
Aspen Island (AIsl) Thoroughbred 3yo Pregnant Mare
Wildwood Secret (WwSc) Thoroughbred 6yo Pregnant Mare
EP Project
Name Breed Age/Sex
Its A Pleasure Im Sure (IPIS) Thoroughbred 2yo Colt
Lady Gone A-Hunting (LGAH) Thoroughbred 8yo Mare
On The Mark (OMrk) Thoroughbred 13yo Mare
Spanish Tide (spaT) Thoroughbred 14yo Mare
Loves Image (LImg) Thoroughbred 15yo Mare
From Russian Love (FRLv) Thoroughbred 19yo Mare
Remarkable Image (RImg15) Thoroughbred 20yo Mare
Spanish Inquisition (SInq) Thoroughbred 7yo Stallion
Dead On (DdOn) Thoroughbred 8yo Stallion
Hernandos Tide (HerT) Thoroughbred 14yo Stallion
Keepers For Now
Name Breed Age/Sex
Love In Motion (LvMo) Thoroughbred 19yo Mare
Lovely Vision (LoVi) Thoroughbred 19yo Mare
Lunar Secret (LuSe) Thoroughbred 20yo Mare
Touch The Sky (TSky) Thoroughbred 8yo Stallion
Hernandos Risk (HerR) Thoroughbred 9yo Stallion
OAT (1500+)
Name Breed Age/Sex
Tidal Winds (TWin) Thoroughbred 14yo Mare
Lady Aspen (LAsp) Thoroughbred 18yo Mare
Remarkable Secret (RemS) Thoroughbred 18yo Mare
Remarkable Investment (RInv) Thoroughbred 12yo Stallion
Behind The Tide (BTid) Thoroughbred 14yo Stallion
Tall(16h+) Agile(70+)
Name Breed Age/Sex
All I Need Is Love (ANIL) Thoroughbred 7yo Pregnant Mare
Tall(16h+) Agile(70+) Surefoot(70+)
Name Breed Age/Sex
Loving Lady (LLdy) Thoroughbred 8yo Pregnant Mare
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