Sales - Auction
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #672105 Arabian 0yo Colt
Count of Monte Cristo (COMC) Arabian 3yo Colt
Filly #672102 Arabian 0yo Filly
Filly #672104 Arabian 0yo Filly
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
King James (KngJ) Arabian 3yo Colt
Filly #672106 Arabian 0yo Filly
Filly #672103 Arabian 0yo Filly
Lady Of Class (LCls) Arabian 3yo Mare
Fair Lady (FarL) Arabian 3yo Pregnant Mare
Fortune Hunter (FHnt) Arabian 8yo Pregnant Mare
Name Breed Age/Sex
Counterstrike (CStk) Arabian 3yo Colt
Classical Dance (CDan) Arabian 4yo Stallion
Dancing In The Dark (DITD) Arabian 4yo Stallion
Persian Classic (PerC) Arabian 5yo Stallion
Class Action (CAct)) Arabian 6yo Stallion
Playing With Fire (PFir) Arabian 7yo Stallion
Classical Star (CStr) Arabian 9yo Stallion
Class Act (CAct) Arabian 10yo Stallion
Head Of The Class (HOTC) Arabian 15yo Stallion
Rain Dance (RDnc) Arabian 15yo Stallion
King Richard (KngR) Arabian 19yo Stallion
Brood Mares
Name Breed Age/Sex
Persian Starlight (PerS) Arabian 3yo Mare
Classics In The Park (ClsP) Arabian 5yo Mare
Minaret (Mina) Arabian 5yo Mare
Rain Dance (RaDc) Arabian 13yo Mare
Playing After Dark (PADk) Arabian 3yo Pregnant Mare
This Magic Moment (TMMm) Arabian 3yo Pregnant Mare
Lady Of The Ivy Arabian 5yo Pregnant Mare
Aladdins Magic Carpet (AlMC) Arabian 7yo Pregnant Mare
Dancing In Dreams (DanD) Arabian 7yo Pregnant Mare
Beautiful Balloon (BBal) Arabian 15yo Pregnant Mare
Games In The Dark (GamD) Arabian 19yo Pregnant Mare
Colour Trial
Name Breed Age/Sex
Classic Utopian (CUto) Arabian 15yo Stallion
Name Breed Age/Sex
Classical Portrait (CPor) Arabian 1yo Colt
Colt #670558 Arabian 3yo Colt
Name Breed Age/Sex
Adil 670345 Arabian 3yo Gelding
Asad 670566 Arabian 3yo Gelding
ColourTrial CStr-PDan
Name Breed Age/Sex
Filly #670343 Arabian 3yo Filly
Mare #669905 Arabian 4yo Mare
Mare #669466 Arabian 5yo Mare
Persian Dancer (PDan) Arabian 15yo Pregnant Mare
Stallion #669632 Arabian 4yo Stallion
ColourTrial CStr-Rom
Name Breed Age/Sex
Colt #670344 Arabian 3yo Colt
Filly #670956 Arabian 2yo Filly
Filly #670774 Arabian 2yo Filly
Filly #670181 Arabian 3yo Filly
Summer Romance (SRom) Arabian 8yo Pregnant Mare
ColourTrial CUto-DASN
Name Breed Age/Sex
Dark Sphire (DSph) Arabian 0yo Colt
Utopian Rising (URis) Arabian 0yo Colt
Utopian Night (UtoN) Arabian 2yo Colt
Magic Rain (MagR) Arabian 3yo Colt
Dark Utopia (DUto) Arabian 1yo Filly
Clear Dark Sky (CDSk) Arabian 2yo Pregnant Mare
Before The Storm (BStm) Arabian 5yo Pregnant Mare
Utopian Storm (UtoS) Arabian 6yo Stallion
General Info
Signed Up: 1/4/2011
Account Level: Family
Halter/In Hand
English Pleasure
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