Castlehyde (I)
Name Breed Age/Sex
Labhaoise Thoroughbred 4yo Pregnant Mare
Blathnaid Thoroughbred 6yo Pregnant Mare
Strawberry Kiss Thoroughbred 7yo Pregnant Mare
Candles in the Rain Thoroughbred 8yo Pregnant Mare
Pearly Queen Thoroughbred 9yo Pregnant Mare
Castlehyde (II)
Name Breed Age/Sex
Clayhills Thoroughbred 4yo Stallion
The Canongate Thoroughbred 5yo Stallion
Great Scot Thoroughbred 8yo Stallion
Waverley Thoroughbred 9yo Stallion
Main Stable
Name Breed Age/Sex
Candelabra Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
Kiss Me Once Thoroughbred 0yo Filly
Blarney Rose Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
Kismee Thoroughbred 1yo Filly
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