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Author Topic : Calc not working
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1/22/2017 3:57:29 AM reply with quote send message to Tranquility Acres Object to Post   

Does anyone have the old method of calculating since Autumnwood's calc isn't working? Thanks! happy :)
Calc not working
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1/22/2017 10:36:13 AM reply with quote send message to Adare Object to Post

Add up the first six stats. If they are 101+, change the number this way:


Set that number aside.

Next, add up the next six stats (also adjusting any 101+) and multiply by .33.

Lastly, add your first whole number to the second number. That is your halter score.
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1/23/2017 4:50:05 AM reply with quote send message to Tranquility Acres Object to Post

Does this work for the OAT too? I have cutters so more interested in the OAT and the stat deviant than the halter happy :)
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1/23/2017 11:42:26 AM reply with quote send message to GaylanStudio Object to Post

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The OAT that was generated by the Autumnwood calc was a simple sum of the first 18 traits - no adjustments. Apart from the tedium of calculating it manually, OAT is easy to generate. I generate an 'OAT' that includes the adjustment also and so tends to be lower if there are 100+ traits. I honestly don't know that this is any better than the straight OAT, but I do it anyway.

The Standard Deviation is the tough one. In stats class we did it manually, with a hand calculator, and I've totally forgotten the process, and in no hurry to remember it (lol).

If you are only interested in cutting, the calculator is not really that much of an issue as you are most likely concentrating on the three "stock" traits along with size. I believe there are other traits involved but they are less well defined - good feet are thought to be one of these.

For those who can/want to use an Excel spreadsheet to get StdDev, here is the calculation from my spreadsheet:

=TEXT(STDEVP($H$3:$H$8,$H$10:$H$15,$H$17:$H$22),"00.00" )

I convert it to a 2 decimal 'text' display. The keyword is STDEVP. (There are two types of calculations having to do with certain assumptions about the data and the other will give you slightly different results.)

The cell references ($H$3,etc) come from a cut-N-paste of the trait chart into the spreadsheet, into column H in my case. The $ signs lock the reference so that you can move the calculation from one place in the spreadsheet to another without messing up the references - they will change otherwise.

I have made my spreadsheet available to anyone who has asked but I never get any feedback on whether they actually use it.

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1/24/2017 5:44:55 AM reply with quote send message to Tranquility Acres Object to Post

Thank you! I'm no computer whiz so I will leave this up to the experts. Hopefully the link will work eventually or someone can make a new one.

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