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I back after many years away. Can someone please explain to me what makes a good western pleasure horse. What numbers do you look at? Does a certain breed excel better then another? thanks
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Welcome back, Lucky.

Unfortunately these forums are not too active and my thoughts are not guaranteed to be accurate, but here goes.

The common wisdom on WP and EP is that traits should be as even as possible, which is where the Standard Deviation comes in. You want SD to be low.

Under "Help" (Right side of top of page)there is a calculator that will give you SD along with a number of other statistics. Go Help/Other Tutorials/Excel Spread sheets. It's the last link - the first two don''t appear to be working.

After SD, you would want all traits to be high as well, so a high OAT which is a total of the first 18 traits (same ones used in SD).

Lastly, temperament should be Higher for EP and lower for WP. I think they recommend temp in the 40's for WP and 60's for EP.

The only other advise I can give is to check out the winners in some recent shows, show in Amateur until your skill points are high. You can see your skill points under "My Account". Others will see them represented as stars. Only Halter, EP and WP use rider skill points at this time - i.e. not in Cutting.

Skill points for EP/WP combined are maximum 100. If you do both equally in a stable you can only get to 50 in each. If you concentrate on one or the other you can accumulate the maximum 100 points for that skill. Skill makes you a better rider. The horse also gains experience. There may also be a horse-rider pair factor - the more you ride a particular horse, the better the results although I am not at all sure how effective this is if it does in fact exist.

Good luck.

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